Cecil Dijoux

I am a professional in digital and services with 30 year international experience. I have worked during twenty-five years in many activities of the IT industry, in different type of organizations, from big global groups to startups .

I have started my career as a manager while discovering agile methodologies and software engineering best practices within an innovative startup in 2004. I have embraced Lean management while in charge of scaling agile to a 70 people R&D organization at a software vendor. My first essay #hyperchange [FR], is a summary of the learnings of this implementation. In 2013, I have joined Operae Partners the french reference of Lean in IT and services. I coach executives, managers and teams.

Since 2007, I moderate the blog #hypertextual, at the intersection of digital and management. Almost one million views, more than 500 articles and a moment of glory as one of my articles has been discussed on the nytimes.com back in January 2010. This blog has allowed me to speak in many international conferences and to give masterclasses in big institutions on management, lean and digital.

Marie-Pia Ignace

I coach board members in deploying highly efficient Lean transitions, while respecting all the people involved. My clients derive three main advantages from Lean: increased client satisfaction, improved cost base and workers who obtain results they are proud of. I am particularly experienced with the banking and insurance sectors, where I have piloted many Lean programs.

To spread Lean throughout the services industry and develop best practices, I co-founded the French Lean Institute – a member of the Lean Global Network – and also created several open platforms for people to share their know-how and experiences such as The Lean Digital Summit (formerly the Lean IT Summit) or theleanedge.org.

Before founding Operae Partners, I managed large operations (between 100 and 300 people). As a manager I always keep three priorities in mind: improving client satisfaction, creating value for the shareholders and building a healthy social climate.

To share Operae Partners’ experience of what works and what needs to be improved in Lean as applied by IT teams in different industries, I co-authored the first French book about Lean IT: “La pratique du lean management dans l’IT” along with the coaches of Operae Partners. Over the years we have led dozens of projects in the various areas of IT: production, maintenance, development and more. This practical guide explains how Lean should be introduced into an IT program and the results one can expect. It is our contribution to development of Lean IT in France.

Daniel T. Jones


Founder and Chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy in the U.K., Daniel T. Jones is a senior advisor to the Lean Enterprise Institute, management thought leader, and mentor on applying lean process thinking to every type of business.

He is the author with James P. Womack of the influential and popular management books that describe the principles and practice of lean thinking in production, The Machine that Changed the World, and Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Organization, and the work book Seeing the Whole Value Stream. Their book Lean Solutions: How Companies and Customers Can Create Value and Wealth Together extends these ideas to consumption, provision, and service delivery. A sought-after keynoter, Jones also has organized Lean Summit conferences in Europe, including the Frontiers of Lean Summit, the First Global Lean Healthcare Summit, and the Lean Transformation Summit.

Jones advises organizations in different sectors on their lean transformations, helped establish the first company University in the UK at Unipart, wrote the UK Government’s Rethinking Construction report and Lean Thinking for the NHS. He organized the first Global Healthcare Summit, mentors a dozen hospitals in the UK, Italy and the USA and published Making Hospitals Work. Jones was the European Director of MIT’s Future of the Automobile and International Motor Vehicle Programs. He is advisor to the European Efficient Consumer Response movement and editor of the International Commerce Review. Jones holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Sussex.

Régis Médina

I help in building high-performance organizations for the digital world with his company Keenly. Prior to this, I have contributed togrow the Lean IT practice while working for Operae as an associate, leading or overseeing the transformation of more than a hundred IT teams in project management, software development, application maintenance, infrastructure and support.
Trained by two world-class senseï, I worked with dozens of executives to radically improve the performance of their organizations by helping their teams find better ways to collaborate and perform their work. During this time I also contributed to the Lean community by co-authoring a book, organizing meetups and giving many conference talks.

Jean-Philippe Douet

jpd I have worked for 24 years in IT services, successively as a coder, project manager and head of process and quality. This background helped me understand the importance of customer satisfaction and to deliver the right service at the right moment. The other key to success is to support people’s development through a benevolent management. In 2003, I contributed to the CMMI-DEV level 3 design and certification for a site with 200 people. In 2009, we started the ITIL process for BUILD & RUN activities. I discovered Agile/Scrum as well as Lean IT in 2013, from then on I started a fascinating journey which has completely transformed my professional life.
Years after years, what I’ve seen is a massive industrialization whose only objective is cost reduction and disempowering teams. This is why I decided that people respect would be my unique motto. Since then, I started building a Lean based approach in my 700 people business unit.



Antoine Nogueira is a young graphist designer studying in EPSAA school in Paris. You can reach him at anttoinenogueira at icloud dot com.