Welcome to the site of the book #hyperlean – What the Advent of Digital Really Means.

Practical Guide

#hyperlean is a guide for today’s leaders and managers who need to decipher what the advent of digital really means for their customers, their teams and their organization. It is now available on amazon.

#hyperlean is an actionable guide drawing on many questions leaders can ask themselves to benchmark their organization maturity and tackle digital challenges. What are we talking about when we talk about digital transformation? What is at stake? What does it change to our customer relationship? What are the impacts for our internal organization: the strategy-execution axis; for the processes, for the products and services development; for the teams expectations? How does it impact the way we lead our projects; the way we engineer our IT solutions. How does it change the way we manage teams and lead organizations?

It will help them make visible the main obstacles the executive teams, the managers and their operational teams are facing preventing them from leveraging digital capabilities to thrive in today’s economy.

The perspective

The author, Cecil Dijoux, has close to thirty years of international professional experience, half of these spent practicing and studying (with his blog #hypertextual) new methods of management : agile, Enterprise 2.0, Lean …

He has been lucky enough to discover these methods while stepping in as a manager in an innovative start-up back in 2004. This experience and these thoughts feed #hyperlean and each of the topics discussed in the book.


Digital : the Why

In the essay The Future of Management, Gary Hamel describes the two main causes of the necessary digital transformation. The first one encompasses the disruptive changes spawning from all the different types of innovation : technology, business model, usage etc … Disruptive changes also come from low barriers of entry in any market where companies face very agile competitors leveraging their platform strategy to aggressively attack existing markets.

The second cause comes from the fact that customers and employees have developed super-powers thanks to their smart phones and public online services. They are super-informed and non-captive. Expectations of both, be it customer experience or engaging working context have increased significantly.

… the What

To answer these new challenges they are mainly responsible of, web giants have adopted a strategy that can be summarized in three points. First develop agility to be able to adapt to a world of constant and rapid changes. Second focus on customer experience to guarantee client loyalty in saturated markets. Last but not least, create a working context that stimulate employee’s engagement.

… and the How : Lean Thinking

#hyperlean hypothesis is that Lean Thinking is the solution to implement strategic principles required by the advent of digital : agility, customer experience and employees engagement. A hypothesis brought forward by the contribution of Daniel T. Jones, co-author of the classic essays on Lean Thinking, Régis Médina a pioneer of agility and Lean IT in France, Marie-Pia Ignace chairwoman of the French Lean Institute and Jean-Philippe Douet a seasoned Lean IT practitioner.

Implemented by the web giants and by many digital industry practices (agile methodologies, Lean UX, Lean Start-up etc …), #hyperlean explains how the principles behind this robust and virtuous management system allow companies to thrive in this time of great uncertainty. This book is fully aligned with the proposition of the essay by Brynjolfsson & McAfee The Second Machine Age : the challenge of digital mainly is a management challenge.

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Nostalgia and innovations

To conclude, we are delighted to present the work of Antoine Nogueira, a very talented young graphic designer who has illustrated this book and made it such a beautiful object. The visual concept aims to pay tribute to digital culture born in the late 60s California. While stressing the contrast between visual nostalgia and the reality of permanent innovations, the book also wanted to illustrate the gap between our management practices, mostly inherited from the early 20th century and the ones that the digital era demand. Please note that these visuals are copyrighted.

#hyperlean is available on Amazon. Enjoy the read !